Kvitová: Laura is different. It was mentally demanding

The 30-year-old Czech has been nervous since morning. She expected a tough fight, because the Siegemunds’ clay testifies, winning a big tournament in Stuttgart three years ago. She was prepared for the 32-year-old German to fight for victory by all means.

“I know that Laura is different, she tries a lot of playing and non-playing variants. It’s not easy to go there and know that everything awaits me. Everyone expected me to win, it’s not nice either. It was challenging in that everyone the point is completely different and it can twist and rise, “said Kvitová.

She was then proud of how she managed the match in this mood. She dictated the pace on the court. “In the second set, when it was more shabby, I was positive and I immediately tried to break it. I did well. Other times I feel better, but today the nerves worked for themselves,” she added.

Unlike the winning round of 16, this time she did not have any memories of the three-year-old tournament, when she returned in Paris after the ambush. “Maybe it’s good, because I was mentally exhausted after that match. That day off helped me a lot in this. Now I know I don’t have a day off. Tomorrow I have to fight for every ball again, it’s a grand slam semifinal. That’s why I don’t have any “I know the tournament is moving on. I still want to play well and I’d like to grab it,” she said.

He relies on clay for the same weapons as on other surfaces. And it benefits her that she diversified the game overall. “When I was here in the semifinals in 2012, I played more risky, I didn’t have so many variations. I think I generally advanced. I have to shorten exchanges on clay, I have to put pressure. I try to open the court so that I can finish easier or go “I don’t play topspins, I don’t slip like the clay artists do,” she added.

Another test of how these weapons work will be the semifinals against Australian Open winner Kenin. The winner of this duel will also be the favorite in Saturday’s final, because no other player is left in the spider.


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