KV Oostende dam breaks only at the end against Union | Croky Cup 2022/2023

The Union didn’t reach the quarter-finals of the Belgian Cup without a fight. The vice-champion only won after a bad loss of the ball against a brave KV Oostende in the final stage of an entertaining game.


11′ Bonifacio 1-0,

18′ Ndicka 1-1,

83′ Adingra 2-1

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  1. second half, minute 95 game over
  2. second half, minute 94. End. Finished! Union pushes after entertaining match. In the last quarter of the match, KV Oostende fell and Union responded to make it 2-1. .
  3. second half, minute 93. KV Oostende pumped a few more balls into the box, but Union seemed to have the upper hand. .
  4. second half, minute 92. Let’s add 4 minutes. .
  5. second half, minute 90. KV Oostende try to put together a final offensive, but now Union are building a solid dam. Or will the spectrum of extensions return? .
  6. second half, minute 87. Union’s goal was still to be attributed to Boonen, who awkwardly lost the ball deep in the home side’s half. In the middle someone fell to the ground with cramps: proof that the best of KV Oostende was gone. .
  7. second half, minute 85. I still wonder if Ostend can fix it. . Eddy Botteldoorne (Radio 1).
  8. second half, minute 84.
  9. second half, minute 83. 2-1: Adingra does it! There is redemption! Ostend attacks, but Boonen loses the ball. The sea opens up on the left and Adingra drops the ball cleanly into the farthest corner. .
  10. second half, minute 79. At KV Oostende, the fat seems to have disappeared. The best combinations now come almost exclusively from Union, but Phillips doesn’t have to make (miraculous) saves. .
  11. second half, minute 74. Too difficult for Nilsson. Nieuwkoop went on and crossed hard and clear for Nilsson. The understudy faces a difficult assignment and slips awkwardly past him. There was so much more to this. .
  12. second half, minute 73. The last quarter is around the corner and we are curious to know who will start counting for the first time. Union and KV Oostende make a nice pot of it, but who’s speculating on extra time? .
  13. second half, minute 67. More hands are needed for the number of attempts after the interval, even if the chances played are few and finishing leaves much to be desired. Teuma slyly kicks a free-kick at Adingra, but his locks are too limp. .
  14. second half, minute 66. The goal can really fall from both sides. . Eddy Botteldoorne (Radio 1).
  15. second half, minute 65. Moris had to block Ostend’s header from a corner, but there was also a flag signal. He remains very exciting here. .
  16. second half, minute 64. Nieuwkoop advances and thus creates space for Teuma centrally. The captain kicks wide and does not force Phillips to save. .
  17. second half, minute 59. The game continues to sway pleasantly. 2-1 or 1-2, we dare not predict. .
  18. second half, minute 56. It seems a matter of minutes before the 1-1 is removed from the scoreboard, especially now that the other pitches are also scoring. Adingra’s header lacks precision here. .
  19. Morris saves the Union. KV Oostende is still lurking and the cash register is almost ringing. Moris has to distinguish himself on a colliding volley by Mebude. This could have been 1-2. . second half, minute 54.
  20. second half, minute 52. Van der Heyden has a quick interception in mind, but reads too slowly. He only has legs and no ball: yellow is his Christmas present from him. .
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