Kursk announced the development of a drug that accelerates recovery after coronavirus

A research group based at the Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry of Kursk State Medical University has developed a formula for the drug that allows you to quickly get rid of breathing and lung problems typical for those infected with coronavirus. With such a statement, the associate professor of the university department Leonid Yampolsky.

It turns out that work on the drug began 5 years ago, and even a patent was obtained! Now, given the structural features of the coronavirus, researchers have modified the structure of the drug.

It is still unclear from the publication at what stage the tests are currently underway, but KSMU claims that, depending on the general condition of the patient with coronavirus, the use of a drug developed at the university can reduce the recovery process by 2 to 5 days. First of all, there is a decrease in body temperature, shortness of breath.



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