Kuleba criticized the words of the President of Estonia about the prospect of Ukraine in the EU

: Facebook / Dmytro Kuleba

Dmitry Kuleba spoke about the statement of the President of Estonia

The Foreign Ministry said that they conveyed their indignation with the words of Kersti Kaljulaid to the Estonian Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry reacted to the statement of the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid that Ukraine will need at least 20 years to join the EU. According to Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, such statements by the Estonian leader are inappropriate. He said this on Friday, August 27, on the air of the Ukraine 24 channel.

“A little over 20 years ago, Western countries in the same mentoring tone told Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians: you need 20-30 years for the EU and NATO to mature. Therefore, of course, it was strange for me to hear these words from the President of Estonia. I talked to her before This and she was optimistic. I do not know what influenced her in the interview, but these statements do not correspond to the friendly nature of our relations, “the minister said.

Kuleba also noted that Ukraine has already conveyed its indignation with these words to the Estonian Foreign Ministry.

“We are disappointed with such statements and consider them inappropriate. We brought this position to the Estonian Foreign Ministry, to the Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine,” he stressed, adding that such things should not be heard from friends and partners.

Earlier it was reported that the head of Estonia assessed Ukraine’s path to the EU in 20 years.

Also President of Estonia advises not to invest in Ukraine… The politician noted that the reform of justice in Ukraine is not showing progress, and so far she does not advise Estonian business to invest in Ukraine.

20 years to the EU, NATO – with the Crimea. Estonia about Ukraine

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