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Up to a third of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia may not survive the crisis, says the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin. He called the business situation difficult and called on the government to increase support for companies.

For this, as he noted, there are all the resources.

“The second wave requires more support than it was in the first wave,” the head of the Accounting Chamber believes.

At the same time, Kudrin believes that the support measures taken by the state have significantly slowed down the development of poverty.

“In this pandemic, the state had to make non-standard decisions,” he stressed.

It is not very clear whether the introduction of a new lockdown was meant, or the existing restrictive measures are sufficient for such a result.

Note that the Russian authorities constantly say that there will be no new lockdown, nevertheless, looking at how European countries are tightening measures to combat the epidemic, the authorities are in full quarantine, you begin to doubt this. And then what? Are we ready for this?

– Journalists, as always, misinterpret the essence of the problem: they write: “Kudrin allowed the closure …”. In fact, Kudrin is not a character who allows something, says Vladimir Lepekhin, Director of the EAEU Institute.

– This is not a manager, but an insider, and he just stated a problem that has been known to everyone since May. Even then, it was clear that small and medium-sized businesses in connection with the quarantine sank by at least 20%, and the decline in its volume continues. In general, Mr. Kudrin is an Odessa citizen from an anecdote, which, when asked by a police officer from the crime scene, “Are there any witnesses?” first he cheerfully declares – “I am a witness!”, and then asks: “What happened?”

Nabiullina reported in June that the drop in GDP was only 4.5%; in this sense, as it were, a “witness”, but in fact, a participant in the crime, Mr. Kudrin, with a delay of six months, cheerfully reports that the SME could collapse by a third. It has already decreased by a third, and if you count correctly (that is, do not take into account tens of thousands of one-day-stuck to state corporations and monopolies), then tomorrow it may not remain at all.

SP: – Is a third of SMEs a lot? How does his ruin threaten the economy?

– Kudrins do not see at all or do not want to see trends. As a high-ranking insider admitted to the media, Kudrin doesn’t give out fragmentary information, which. In turn, it is not a subject of exclusive analysis, but comes to it from foreign audit companies. They make a forecast plan for closing a third of SMEs in the Russian Federation – Kudrin stupidly voices this information; as a well-known “insider” political scientist Nightingale, but only in economics.

And we know how the ruin of SMEs threatens the economy – first, the systemic degradation of social and other infrastructure and the crisis of consumption; as a result, the degradation of the population and the country as a whole, after which there will be not a social explosion, as the Kremlin thinks (there is no resource for a social explosion in the country), but the banal collapse of Russia according to the Soviet, Belarusian, Armenian and other well-known scenarios.

“SP”: – And what does this threaten ordinary people?

“This threatens ordinary people, first with even greater poverty, and then with yet another collective madness, when the Russian people prefer any destructive scenario to growing poverty, up to the denial of life in this country or from the country itself in one way or another.

“SP”: – Kudrin believes the state should significantly increase support for SMEs, as well as the population. At the same time, he notes the support measures taken by the state have significantly slowed down the development of poverty in the country. Is he right? Why then increase it and how much?

– Kudrin, as an accomplice of numerous and especially grave crimes against the Russian SME and the national economy, by definition, has nothing to do with the slowdown in the growth of poverty. Rather, the opposite: only her height. Officials who declare the need to support SMEs in fact think of only one thing – where to drain the knocked out budgetary financial flow, no more. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses just need not to interfere with their work, but this is not in the rules of the organized criminal group that today rules the economy in the Russian Federation.

“SP”: – Does the state have the ability to increase? Have you used up all the possibilities during the first wave? Are we ready for the second wave?

– I repeat once again: the government should not interfere with the development of SME – if it is not interfered with, it will grow even without government “support measures”. But everything happens exactly the opposite: all the so-called “support measures” for business in their oligarchic version are directed exclusively against it and in favor of the officials themselves and large oligarchic corporations … Officials are not ready for any “second wave”, just as they were not ready for the first wave. They do not even realize the scale, essence and roots of the growing problem … Personally, I firmly know that people in Russia today are killed not so much by the coronavirus and the pandemic as by the collapsed medicine and inadequate officials who, in principle, do not understand what they are facing and what to do about it.

“SP”: – Will it come to a lockdown, in your opinion? How can this turn out?

– Lockdown in Russia can become a fact at any moment – and the Russian leadership is completely unprepared for it, just as it was not ready for the 1998 default, when the Gaidar-Kudrin-Chubais gang brought down the country’s economy out of the blue. Today Kudrin proposes to repeat this situation, and stupid journalists who do not remember recent Russian history, naively believe that some kind of measures to support the economy can be expected from Kudrin and his ilk.

It is high time to understand that while the Russian economy and the country as a whole are run by liberal monetarists, neither this economy nor Russia as such has any prospects.

“Russian business is threatened from all sides: from the coronavirus, and from corrupt officials, and from Western sanctions,” said Fyodor Biryukov, director of the Freedom Institute, member of the bureau of the political council of the Rodina party.

Business in Russia survives in spite of any economic theory, be it capitalist or socialist. Kudrin, being in the systemic opposition, issued bolder forecasts than he does now. Now he is still bound by certain state bonds of silence. But even so it is clear that businessmen have no problems! Let’s multiply Kudrin’s words by ten – and we get a real forecast.

Modern capitalism in general is not at all what it was in the days of Marx and Engels, Lenin and even Marcuse with the now living Zhizhik. Capitalism in the 21st century is a system that globally connects liberal bureaucrats and their LGBT lobbyists with transnational corporations, the current monsters of capitalism. In this system, profits are divided by political ghouls, gay barons and international bourgeois, also economic vampires. And they all suck – but not what they should, but the blood of the working people of the world, the blood of peoples and countries. Russian business has not escaped this “sucker”.

But in our situation, the throat of a domestic entrepreneur is bitten from two sides. On the one hand, there are Western sanctions, which, in one way or another, lower their poison from above (from the alleged oligarchs at whom they are directed) down, where the simplest economic entities suffer losses. On the other hand, the blood of Russian business is eagerly lapped by the same officials, for whom it is the main nutritious resource. Basically, in the current economic situation, small and medium-sized businesses do not have a good chance. You can only relax and have fun – until you completely pass out.

To establish a lively dialogue between the state and business, a paradoxical social reform is needed. Namely, the transfer of the Russian economy from the rusty liberal-oligarchic rails to a nationally oriented socialist high-speed highway. Yes, it will be a completely new socialism, which will require, first of all, the disposal of the former so-called left parties (United Russia, SR, LDPR) from the legislative space. And then it will be necessary to build a new Russian socialism, superior in productivity to Western liberal capitalism. The latter is just a vampire, thirsty for the blood of all countries and peoples. By the way, here is the Russian national idea – a just social system, social-Rusism, harmony of labor and capital, money – to the people! Either that or not.

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