Kucharski versus Lewandowski. Robert Lewandowski goes to court with Cezary Kucharski

As Interia found out, Robert Lewandowski says enough and goes to court with his former longtime manager, Cezary Kucharski. One of the best footballers in the world is fed up with being oppressed with his relatives and has already hired a lawyer for this case, recognized as the best specialist in our country, prof. Tomasz SiemiÄ…tkowski.

“We would like to inform you that in connection with the intensifying public attacks by Mr. Cezary Kucharski against Robert Lewandowski and his family in recent weeks, decisive legal steps have been taken. Robert Lewandowski has appointed Prof. Tomasz SiemiÄ…tkowski as his lawyer, who will represent him and be the only one to provide We kindly ask you to allow Robert Lewandowski to concentrate on preparations for the upcoming matches of the Polish National Team “- said the press spokesman of Robert Lewandowski.

The conflict broke out after the publication of the weekly “Der Spiegel” on the Bundesliga start day. The newspaper reported that Kucharski is seeking damages from Lewandowski.

The Bayern player was allegedly siphoning money from his company’s RL Management account. According to Kucharski, money from company accounts was transferred to Polish bank accounts, bypassing the German tax office.

It did not end with one publication. German journalists revealed that they found documents indicating a possible backdating of Lewandowski’s advertising contracts.

The subject of the publication is the key marketing agreement, which was to be initialed on April 1, 2008. On its basis, the former long-term agent of the football player, Cezary Kucharski, was to guarantee himself income from future advertising contracts until 2030. Lewandowski, this “deal” was to cost 14,000 euros.

And here Germany presents the results of its investigation, which is to show that this agreement was actually signed much later, after six years, but was backdated to the beginning of April 2008.

“The e-mails from the time of the establishment of RL Management, which were received by ‘Der Spiegel’, give the impression that the contract was drawn up only after many years. Therefore, this document was probably signed by Lewandowski and Kucharski in the fall of 2014 and backdated to April 1 2008 “- claims the daily.

The former manager of the football player has filed a lawsuit in this case with the District Court in Warsaw. He is demanding EUR 9 million in compensation from Lewandowski.

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