Kubelkov’s daughter caresses her famous mother: That’s how it went on holiday in France

J so I love these pics in moe, boe mj, Natlie Jirskov was born on a field at the Azure Fair in another France, from where she makes her fans very cute, as otherwise not in a swimsuit.

Nen divu, eIva Kubelkov, who, when she imagined that one of the daughters would devote herself to modeling, was not very enthusiastic, she changed her mind and the branches of the fans and vemon supported her.

I’ve never been an ambitious personshe wanted to fulfill her dreams on children. Natlka decided for herself a model. At first I thought I would like her not to, but then I saw how much she enjoyed it, and I was happy for her,Iva said during the construction of new Dermacol cosmetics premises.

She herself has these Czech characters at the age of fifteen, and her daughter Natlie also took a photo for the new camp. For some it protects me, but the model sees it differently.

I do not take my path, I offer to go by myself. And I see how interesting I am enough. And I like it, Iva said differently to make it clear that she does not want to have children.

Iva Kubelkov with mom and daughters

Kubelkov and his daughters and parents are currently recreating at the Tree & Life wellness & spa resort. And it must be honored that the genes were very generous in this case, all the girls look great.

I was a little worried that my mother could handle it all, m pr msc after knee surgery. Vera received oxygen therapy (oxygen therapy) and then we went for a walk to the city baantnice. She set such a pace that we all floated for them like rags on the floor, handed the mucus to the moderator and the singer, who has a very vital mother.

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