KT sovereignty applies for annual salary adjustment to KBO… 9 years since Daehyun Lee

KT Wiz sovereignty. News1 © News1 Reporter Seungbae Lee

KT Wiz pitcher Ju Kwon, 26, has applied for a professional baseball salary adjustment after nine years.

The Korea Baseball Commission (KBO) announced on the 11th that “As a result of the application for annual salary adjustment in 2021, which ended at 6 pm on this day, the KT sovereignty received the application.”

“The sovereign player and the KT club must each submit supporting data for the calculation of the desired annual salary by 6 pm on January 18th.” “If both the players and the club do not submit the data by the deadline, the application for mediation will be deemed to have been withdrawn.”

The annual salary adjustment request is a system in which a third party, the Salary Adjustment Committee, arbitrates and adjusts the salary when the club and the player fail to sign the contract due to disagreement about the salary.

Sovereignty is an applicant nine years after Lee Dae-hyung (LG at the time) in 2012. If the actual mediation committee is held without withdrawal, it has been 10 years since Daeho Lee (Lotte) in 2011. Lee Dae-hyung withdrew the application before the conciliation committee was held.

In the history of professional baseball, Ryu Ji-hyun (now LG manager) was the only player who won the application for a salary adjustment.

According to KBO, the sovereignty, which received an annual salary of 150 million won last season, is hoping for 250 million won. On the other hand, the club suggested 220 million won. The difference between the two is 30 million won.

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KT’s key winning team, Ju-Kwon, made 77 appearances in the last 2020 season, recording an average ERA of 6 wins, 2 losses and 31 holds, 2.70, winning the title in the hold category.

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