Ksenia Sobchak has been involved in an accident with horrific consequences

The accident took place in Krasnodarskaya.

Foreign media report that a Mercedes brand vehicle, which also included Sobchak, drove to Adler Airport when he entered the opposite lane during an overtaking maneuver. The car had been rented and Sobchak was not behind the wheel.

During the overtaking maneuver, Mercedes collided frontally with a Volkswagen vehicle.

One of the Volgswagen’s passengers, a 35-year-old woman, died in the crash. The driver and another passenger were injured and taken to a medical facility. Unfortunately, one of the victims later died in hospital, while the other continues to receive treatment.

The occupants of the Mercedes, including Sobchak, were not injured in the accident. After the accident, the journalist transferred to another car and continued on her way to the airport.

After the accident, Sobčaka also shared what happened with her “Instagram” site, indicating that she lost consciousness after the accident and still suffered other injuries. Her assistant assigned her to another car after the collision.

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According to Sobchak on Instagram, she was later diagnosed with a concussion and several bruises on her internal organs. She is shocked by what happened and promises to contact the relatives of the victims.

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