Krum Zarkov: Cornelia Ninova was the right person in the right place, but in 2016.

“I miss the red line that would make the BSP not only one of the affiliates, not only the party with 26 parliamentary votes, one-two-three ministers, the Speaker of the National Assembly and whatever, but the party that guarantees that a social breath of air needed by Bulgarian citizens after a decade marked by oligarchic, corrupt and far-right government, which made social policy seen as alms and money thrown in for help. ”This was stated in an interview with BNR by Krum Zarkov from BSP.

According to Zarkov, the BSP’s participation in the governing configuration must be linked precisely to the social vector, because that is where the party’s potential is, despite the poor election result and the small number of deputies.

“The BSP cannot think of itself as a small wheel in a grand coalition. This is not the role of the only, largest left-wing party in the country. Its role is not to be an unavoidable factor, but to be the factor. And she has the potential to do it.

“Without a doubt, in the elections on April 4, it was obvious that it was not just a loss in the normal cycle of small victories, losses, retreats, etc., but a very strong signal, a very strong blow. The BSP then chose to leave things behind. “Apart from the explanations for the government, there were explanations that the covid was to blame, then the machines were to blame – on July 11, but the spiral was then visible to those who wanted to see it,” Krum Zarkov commented in his review of the left’s election results. this year.

In the last 2 in 1 elections, the BSP had a chance, but it was not used, Zarkov believes.

“I have not seen on the ground either the president, or the caretaker government, or anyone from the BSP working against the party. However, what I saw was a rising wave that was not against the BSP, but rather parallel to it, recognized other carriers of what people deeply want to happen – to change the style of governing the country. “

In the presidential campaign, the BSP was the winner and has its contribution to Radev’s victory, Krum Zarkov noted in the program “Politically Incorrect”.

Zarkov is of the opinion that the president did not betray the left-wing voters, nor did he work against them.

“Cornelia Ninova came to the BSP in 2016 and I claim that she was the right person in the right place then. She came when the party was not in good shape and managed to lift it with her energy and will. These battles – I do not deny them, I was part of them. The reform that took place in the BSP contributed greatly to our good result in 2017. Between 2017 and 2020, we were the only strong parliamentary opposition to a regime that everyone denies today, but only a year and a half ago, no one dared to speak out against it. We did this work in parliament. “

After the direct election of a president, according to Zarkov, the government had to go to power and close, as they were decided by the Socialists at a basic level. Instead, he said, pointing fingers and closing the party continued.

“And little by little this energy that we had accumulated flowed into the internal contradictions.”

The BSP cannot afford to continue to look like a political force at loggerheads, Krum Zarkov is adamant.

“If we postpone the decisions this time as well, lower ourselves again, indulge in the ostrich’s policy, then I don’t know what is expected in the next elections. The electoral calendar is ruthless. In two years, local elections will come, the most difficult for each party and the most important, and if the BSP does not start its preparations for them now, I do not know what people expect to happen in two years. “

Asked if he had made a mistake in choosing to run for BSP chairman, Zarkov explained that “there are many people in the BSP with the qualities to be chairman and this would be a very interesting debate, a competition.”

“The Istanbul Convention in our country is used for smoke. Usually when someone does not want to talk about a topic, he waves this one – about the so-called gender, “said Krum Zarkov.

“I have no problem with the fact that this convention will not be ratified in Bulgaria. This document, I leave aside its controversial parts, must be implemented mainly in Bulgarian legislation. But I have a problem with the violence that is swirling, including domestic violence, in particular violence against women. “

“And if the fact that I am the author of the bills that the BSP has introduced on this topic makes me gender, well,” he added.



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