Kronospan on the “list of shame”. The plants in Russia are still operational

The Kronospan company, which also has a large production plant in Mielec, has not ceased its operations in Russia, which is why it found itself in the so-called “Leaves of shame”.

The list of shame includes economic entities which, despite numerous sanctions imposed on Russia after the attack on Ukraine, did not stop their activities in its area. The authors of the list are experts from the Yale School of Management research department. The document is constantly updated, as over time more companies – even under social pressure – decide to withdraw from Russia.

Boycott Effectiveness not only in Poland, but also around the world, you can also see the list itself prepared by the research department of Yale School of Management. Comparing the list of March 29 with that of March 26, we can already see big changes – he analyzes Jacek Frączyk from Business Insider.

– In just three days from Saturday to Tuesday from the list of shame, i.e. a list of companies that have not made any decisions, As many as nine out of 42 entities disappeared. Including the case of Decathlon, not yet updated by Yale – already 10, which is almost a quarter.

It turns out that Kronospan is also on the shameful list. According to the authors of the list – the company “still operating in Russia with several plants and subsidiaries”.

In this context, experts point to the inconsistency of the company, which on March 31 published a press release in which informs about activities for refugees from Ukraine. The information shows that “the company has prepared several dozen beds for them, it will also provide them with the necessary means of living”.

– In the face of the tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes in our eastern neighbors, we could not remain indifferent. We have organized multidirectional help for both those who come to Poland in search of a safe havenand for those who stayed in their country. Most of the people we are waiting for are the families of our employees from the Kronospan plants in Ukraine. They will receive full support from us, incl. food, accommodation and the opportunity to work – we read in the Kronospan announcement.

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