Kristóf Milák is waiting for lung surgery

Kristóf Milák is waiting for lung surgery

The Olympic, world, and three-time European champion had asthma as a floating child, and had been caught twice in the coronavirus, forcing himself to undergo surgery.

He sincerely testified about the problems affecting Kristóf Milák’s lungs in a podcast, writes Indirect.

“I was very happy, I was proud when I managed to break the ten-year-old world record of American Michael Phelps in 2019. However, I am not completely satisfied, because I feel I still have plenty of spare space left, I understand all that I am struggling with severe asthma,” he said. in the show.

“I find it harder to breathe, my lungs don’t work properly, my vital capacity is only 60 to 70 percent. That was the case when the world record was overthrown.

The average person has one hundred percent, in the case of elite athletes this value can be up to 130 percent, so you can feel that the difference is big, my disadvantage is significant, “added the world top holder of the 200-meter butterfly.

Nevertheless, Milák is looking forward to the next Olympics:

“I don’t want to promise a summit at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, but I feel the conditions will be ideal for me. I’ll be in perfect age at 24, and we’ll find a solution to my health problem by then,” he said.

The swimmer also talked about struggling with asthma as a child, but this was mostly lurking, but the coronavirus and allergy season brought the problem back to the surface:

“The upper and lower respiratory tract as well as the bronchi are also affected. I take medication regularly, but it doesn’t stop the trouble, it just reduces the symptoms.”

The world-class admitted it could no longer go on like this: “This can’t be tolerated for a long time, I’ve been dragging on and postponing it for years, now I’ve gotten to the point where surgery is needed,” he added.

His coach, Balázs Virth, also confirmed to Blikk that the operation was needed. The intervention is expected to take place in late December.

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