Kristien was fined 125 euros because the Aldi electric scooter does not respect the rules: chain of stores withdraws device from sale (Mortsel)

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The Aldi store chain is immediately removing an electric scooter from the shelves. The scooter has only been on sale since October, but it turns out it doesn’t comply with the new legislation. “You expect a 300-euro scooter to be completely in order, but that’s not the case,” says Kristien, who was fined 125 euros by the police.

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Kristien Weymans (37) of Mortsel rang the bell on Friday. The woman bought two electric scooters from Envivo in Aldi two years ago. “Both for me and for my boyfriend. The scooter was on sale for around 300 euros and seemed like a good deal, ”says Kristien, who has been an avid stepper ever since.

Last week, however, she was stopped during a police check at the Statielei in Mortsel. It turned out that her scooter did not comply with the rules. “For example, the side reflectors turned out to be out of order and I only had one brake, while apparently I had to have two, one on each side. I fell completely out of the blue, but the police explained that new regulations for electric scooters are in place as of July 1, 2022, “said Kristien.

She hoped for a warning finger and advice to get her scooter in order, but was soon told that an official report would be drawn up. “A fine of 125 euros was received this week. There is no other option than to pay for it because I bought the scooter before the new rules came into effect “, he says,” but I’m telling my story because to my surprise the exact same scooter was still on sale at Aldi this week branch. by Boechout.

The scooter that was for sale in Boechout. © rr

You risk a fine

In fact, on 8 October Aldi put a stock of scooters back into circulation. Its temporary sale was announced in the advertising brochure on October 3. “In any case, there are people who bought that scooter in October, but now they unknowingly face a fine if they drive on a public road. You expect a 300-euro scooter to be completely in order, but that’s not the case, “says Kristien, who informed Aldi’s customer service on Friday.

A check showed that the scooters in question no longer complied with the rules. “We took immediate action and took back the scooters that were still on store shelves,” confirms Aldi spokesperson Jason Sevestre. “We advise customers who have purchased such a scooter in the last few weeks to contact our customer service.”

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