Kristaps Porziņģis has undergone another knee surgery

According to a statement from the Dallas Mavericks, Porziņģis underwent a right knee injury, in which he suffered a lateral meniscus injury in the NBA playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers. The club points out that Kristaps will be able to start the rehabilitation process immediately after the operation.

So far, no predictions are made when the Latvian could resume contact training, however, the authoritative North American sports media ESPN sources in the club have indicated that “Mavericks” hope for Kristaps’ participation in the first team training sessions before the new season. There is currently no precise information as to when the next NBA season could begin, but various sources suggest that this is likely to happen around the New Year. Therefore, team training would hardly start especially before December. has already reported that at the end of the season, the successful Porziņģis “Mavericks” team could help the team only in the first three of the six playoff games against “Clippers”. As Kristaps later discovered, he was injured in the first match of the series.

It is not yet revealed whether the operation was performed in Latvia or somewhere abroad. All that is known is that Kristaps spent the last weeks in Latvia training hard and preparing for the new season. He spent most of his training in Jūrmalciems.

The suspicion that the injury was more serious than it initially seemed arose after the first playoff game, because the knee was stiff and motionless, Porziņģis himself pointed out.

“Already in training I tried to do something more than running, but the medical staff did not allow me to do it.”

Kurzeme did not hide that a specific diagnosis of the knee could be made only after the fourth match. “After the fourth game we performed a magnetic resonance, which also showed that the meniscus is torn. I was injured in the first game, but later I played two more matches … Already in the first duel I felt that my knee is stiff and does not want to move. I didn’t know or I could participate In the second game, however, everything went well, but before the third game the situation had deteriorated, which was very annoying and depressing, “the Mavericks leader told in detail about the injury.

“I got used to that feeling later and I’m looking to the future. Of course, it’s not easy to sit aside and watch the guys fight, especially in a series like this.”

It was initially hoped that one of the Mavericks’ leaders would be able to do without surgery with plasma revitalization injections, but this did not happen and surgery had to be performed.

It has already been reported that Kristaps did not have this first knee injury, because last year Porziņģis broke his cruciate ligaments in his left leg. Because of this injury, he missed the current season and everything that followed. He also missed ten NBA games this season because of pain in his right knee, which has now been operated on.

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In the three playoffs, in which Porziņģis was in the field from the first minutes, the Latvian scored 23.7 points on average, 8.7 rebounds were won, playing an average of 31.3 minutes. Liepājnieks attacked the basket with 52.5% (21/40) accuracy in three elimination matches, but from the long throw line he realized 52.9% throws (9/17). Meanwhile, he threw “penalties” with 87% accuracy (20/23).

Kristaps played particularly well after the resumption of the NBA season in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, being included in the second symbolic team of the NBA “bubble”.

Porziņģis went to the NBA “bubble” field in six games, in which he scored an average of 30.5 points, won 9.5 rebounds and blocked 1.5 shots. In the seeding tournament matches, he was the sixth most successful NBA player, helping the Mavericks win seventh place in the Western Conference and enter the playoffs. This Latvian had the first playoff games in his NBA career.

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