Kris Kross Amsterdam DJ Sander Huisman has a third child | NOW

Sander Huisman will have a third child, the DJ of the Kris Kross Amsterdam collective announced on Wednesday in a broadcast of 100% NL. The artist has one video of that conversation on Instagram.

Huisman already has two sons and is now having a daughter. It was previously announced that his Kris Kross Amsterdam colleague Yuki Kempees will also have a daughter.

Coincidentally, the two babies are also expected on the same day. “Calculated on February 4,” says Huisman. “It’s a corona baby. We are following exactly the same path.”

Huisman is the cousin of television presenter Henny Huisman. Kris Kross Amsterdam previously scored hits with Maan (He’s mine), Kraantje Pappie (Moment) and Nielson (I stand you better).


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