Křetínský buys part of the Slovenian Railways

The price of the transaction, which has yet to be approved by the holding company Slovenski Državni Holding, does not mention the sources. According to the Railway Gazette server, the amount of the transaction is unofficially estimated at up to one hundred million euros, ie up to 2.7 billion crowns. Details of the agreement will be published. The transaction is to be completed within six months. According to spokesman Daniel Častvaj, EPH will comment on the matter “only after a possible conclusion of the transaction”.

The Slovenian railway company has been looking for a strategic partner for its freight division SŽ-Tovorni promet since 2017. Slovenian Railways Director Dušan Mes reiterated several times that the partnership aims to create a leading logistics company in Southeast Europe that will be competitive not only in Slovenia but also in Northern Europe. Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and the Balkans. He wants to double his profits in five years.

The specialized German server Verkehrs Rundschau wrote that the resulting company could seriously compete with Rail Cargo Austria, which is part of the Austrian state-owned company ÖBB providing rail transport.

Energy and industrial holding

EPH was founded in 2009. The companies that are part of the EPH group employ around 25,000 people. In 2017, Daniel Křetínský, who holds 94 percent of the shares, became the majority owner of the holding. EPH consists of four pillars, with the EP Infrastructure, EP Power Europe and EP Logistics International groups bringing together companies in the fields of infrastructure, electricity generation, mining, logistics, coal trading and renewables. They include over seventy companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Hungary, France, Poland and Switzerland. EP Real Estate provides real estate projects within the group.

PZN redakce: Daniel Křetínský is a co-owner of the Czech News Center publishing house, which also operates the economic website E15.cz.


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