Krefeld Ravens angry about game cancellation

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Krefeld Ravens angry about game cancellation

The Mönchengladbach Wolfpack canceled the game scheduled for September 12 this week. There is no official reason. Those in charge hope that there will at least be the second leg.

For the second time within two months, a game by the Krefeld Ravens has been canceled at short notice. After the Neuss Legion, who did so in a test match in the summer, the Mönchengladbach Wolfpack canceled the game scheduled for September 12 on Thursday. There is no official reason, but unofficially it is said from Mönchengladbach that there are too few players because there are too many injured. Due to a corona rule issued before the season, such a cancellation is possible without having to fear repression. The association had issued the rule, otherwise there was a fear of not getting enough teams together for one season.

Nevertheless, after the announcement, disappointment, frustration, but also a bit of anger prevailed in the Ravens camp.

For Ravens co-founder and sporting director Dino Volpe, a narrow squad is only a conditional explanation. “I can still remember situations from my active days in which we had such a small squad that we activated non-members in order to be able to play the game. Of course we lost the games a lot. But we sold our skin dearly, defended our honor as athletes and just had a game in the sport we love, ”he says.

Especially the high effort that the Krefeld people put into their games causes disappointment, as it is now in vain. “We not only have a lot of organizational effort for a matchday like this, but also costs. Our second test game has already been canceled under similar conditions. It was only a few days before the game. But it’s particularly bitter for the fans we already have. There are many spectators looking forward to the games who already have tickets. That is certainly not the case with other teams in this league. But I think it should be considered before taking such a step. It’s also about our sport to a certain extent, which we want to present as well as possible, ”says the Ravens creator.

The rejection also received a small treat due to the fact that there were already rumors weeks ago that the Wolfpack would not compete against the much stronger Krefeld team. “We don’t want to accuse anyone of anything, but all in all it feels weird. We hope now that we will at least get a second leg. We want to get up in sport and get our points for it on the field, not at the green table, ”he says clearly.

His brother Aldo, also a board member and co-founder of the Ravens and still an active player, who initially reacted very emotionally, strikes a somewhat more conciliatory tone: “I’m a father and, in the best parenting tradition, I would like to say: We’re not angry – just very disappointed, ”says the top performer, who wants to end his career after the current season.

The news also caused frustration in the team. Niki Tenwinkel, receiver and one of the captains in the team, who also caught touchdowns in the first two games against the Mühlheim Shamrocks, even though his visit to the end zones in the first game was definitely disputed, sums up the mood best: “I can do not understand how to cancel such a game. No matter what the chances are, no matter how many failures you have. It hasn’t been played in a long time and I have such an incredible appetite for every single game. It hurts that we don’t play and that another game of this kind is stolen from us after Neuss, ”says the recipient of the pass.

The hope of those responsible for the coming season is all the greater. “We have a clear promise from the league management: No matter how many games are played, if we are at the top at the end of the season, then we will also be promoted. In the fourth division there is a huge leap in performance, but also organizationally. We will have more games and we will be really challenged and there will be no failures ”, Dino Volpe looks ahead. After all, the promotion has come closer with the cancellation, because the game will be scored for the Ravens.

And in the environment, too, confidence returned on Friday – as is typical for Ravens. “We do it as always: If stumbling blocks are thrown in our way, we use them as a stepping stone to jump even further,” team manager Conny Tenwinkel swears the black and yellow. But that doesn’t change much in terms of frustration, disappointment and questions about the reasons.



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