Krasser because of Corona: Hype about the PS5 – and a hijacked subway

Gaming platforms warn fans of dubious offers and call for patience. Because the PS5, the new Playstation game console from Sony, is offered for up to 1,000 euros on Ebay and other platforms. That is about twice the retail price.

The demand is particularly high in times of closed discos, restaurants and sports halls.

Most of the official online retailers sold out the PS5, which has been shipping in Europe since November 19, immediately. It is currently not clear when exactly enough will be delivered. The Japanese company Sony is promising supplies before Christmas. In Asia, the PS5 was already on the shelves on November 12th. Apparently the game console is one of the devices of the Corona year 2020 – and among the top 100 innovations that THE TIME lists.

In France – where non-essential stores are closed due to the lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic – annoyed customers report on social media that their pre-orders have been canceled because the demand for the new Playstation significantly exceeded supply.

In Germany, too, websites collapsed from the many clicks, only displayed error messages or were otherwise overwhelmed.

Those who could buy a PS5 were lucky.

Street Marketing in London

In London, the new Playstation has hijacked the underground. Several stations were renamed and especially “Oxford Circus” was redesigned in the joystick design.

Street marketing in the form of Playstation names should only take 48 hours. The special design at “Oxford Circus” was planned until December 16th.

In London, because of the current partial lockdown, a lot of employees work in the home office, which is why far fewer people use public transport. Pubs and restaurants are closed.


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