Krampol 20 months after the death of his wife († 59): He has a new Hanička!

Beloved Yorkshire woman Žanetka, whom Hanka did not give Krampolová to commit, he has a new master after 14 years, actually a mistress. “I was not able to walk Žanetka with that sore leg three times a day or more, which she needed because she was already fourteen years old. Hanka’s friend now has it, also Hanka, who has her four yorkshirs, so our Žanetka is wonderful with her, “the actor explains. Hanka’s friend takes care not only of the female, but also of Jirka. He sees himself almost daily as he drives him to make a feature-length documentary about Krampol called Life is Fun.

“She is a good soul. He takes care of me at the exchange with my manager Miloš Schmiedberger. She is such an assistant of mine, she took care of me a year ago, when I shot the film Old age is not for sraby, “said Aha! the actor after the photojournalists caught him coming out of a café in the center of Prague. “She is really fine and I emphasize – she is not my girlfriend, but her friend!” Krampol added with a smile.

The death of Dolejš of Šlapet and the first words of his wife. And Krampol’s worst shoot

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