Kramp-Karrenbauer threatens Russia and China

In an interview with the editorial network Germany (RND), Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced a further increase in defense spending and a massive armament of the Bundeswehr in the next few years. It threatens Russia and China and underlines the claim of German imperialism to enforce its economic and geostrategic interests worldwide with military means – also independently of the USA and against it.

“First of all, it’s about our own safety and our own interests. It was never about doing the US a favor. We have to take care of our own safety, ”she emphasizes right at the beginning of the interview. “American foreign policy” is “now more reliable again” under the new president. However, “even under Biden, key foreign policy priorities were set, for example in the Indo-Pacific. It is also clear that the burden-sharing in NATO remains unchanged on the agenda for the USA – even if a different style is now maintained. “

In fact, the Biden administration and the US military are preparing to escalate the military confrontation with the nuclear powers Russia and China. They have stepped up provocative “freedom of navigation” operations in China-claimed waters in the South China Sea and plan to deploy offensive missiles along several densely populated islands, including Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Since taking office, Biden has also tightened the course of war with Moscow. In mid-March, he described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a murderer and threatened Moscow with retaliatory measures. Since then, the Ukrainian regime of President Volodymyr Selenskyj, with the backing of Washington, NATO and the European Union, has escalated the course of war against the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

German imperialism reacts to the danger of nuclear war with its own massive war offensive. In the midst of the pandemic, the ruling class claims there is no money for necessary protective measures and higher wages for caregivers. Social benefits are slashed and exploitation of the working class intensified. At the same time, billions more are to flow into military armament.

It is “good” that the Bundeswehr “will get another 2.5 billion euros for the next year”, explains Kramp-Karrenbauer in an interview. This will increase defense spending next year by a further five percent to officially 49.3 billion euros. Although this makes them almost as high as the health and education budgets combined, that is not enough for the ruling class.

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