Kramer (35) still not finished skating: ‘Difficult, but also challenging’

And so Kramer is ‘just’ in preparation for his fifth Olympics. A preparation in which he was operated on his back (“it will always remain my weak spot”) and in which he has such a tight training program that he decided not to be vaccinated yet.

It is a subject that seemed to cause unrest in the skating world.


“I don’t like that unrest,” says Kramer. “Everyone has their own choice to be vaccinated, just like other people in the world. That also applies to athletes. From a sporting point of view, it was not ideal for me to be vaccinated, but that will happen in the short term .”

“I am definitely in favor of vaccination and I will make sure that I am vaccinated before the Games, but that is not the case yet,” Kramer explains his choice. “That is mainly a sport-technical story, because I am now training hard. Then there will be a rest period and then I will receive my first vaccination.”


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