KPK Traced the Role of Former Minister Jonan in the Samin Tan Case

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP) stated that he would investigate the alleged role of the former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan and member of the Indonesian Parliament Melchias Marcus Mekeng regarding the alleged bribery case of the tycoon Samin Tan.

“Of course we will develop it later. Mr. Mekeng, Jonan, later we will see to what extent his role is. Not just confession, about what he was given and what he did for,” said KPK Deputy for Enforcement and Execution, Karyoto, at a press conference, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/4).

The name Jonan was first mentioned by the former Deputy Chairman of Commission VII DPR, Eni Maulani Saragih, during the trial of the Riau-I PLTU bribery case. At that time, Eni, as the defendant, admitted to receiving Sin $ 10 thousand from Jonan. The former boss of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) was also questioned in connection with the case.

Meanwhile, it is known that Mekeng was summoned by KPK investigators three times in connection with the alleged corruption case in the termination of the PT Asmin Koalindo Tuhup (PT AKT) Coal Mining Concession Work Agreement (PKP2B) contract with the suspect Samin Tan.

He is one of the people on the list of witnesses who failed to be summoned by the anti-graft agency investigators.

However, Karyoto has not firmly answered whether the person concerned will be called back or not.

Mekeng was put by the KPK on the list of witnesses who were prevented from traveling abroad in connection with the alleged corruption case in handling the PKP2B contract termination.

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Meanwhile, Samin Tan was named a suspect for allegedly giving Eni Rp. 5 billion for the purpose of processing the termination of PT AKT’s PKP2B contract.

This case is a case development of a bribery case related to the cooperation contract agreement for the construction of PLTU Riau-I.

At that time, the KPK charged Eni, a shareholder of Blackgold Natural Resources Ltd, Johannes B. Kotjo, the former Secretary General of Golkar, Idrus Marham, and the former President Director of PLN, Sofyan Basir.

Of these names, only Sofyan was acquitted by the panel of judges at the Central Jakarta Corruption Crime Court (Tipikor).

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