KPK Searches Kuansing Regent’s Detention Room After Viral Posts on Social Media


NCP searched the contents of the detention room occupied by the Regent of Kuantan Singingi, Andi Putra. Search by NCP This was done after the post went viral on social media.

On a Facebook account in the name of Andi Putra Kuansing, a post related to Andi Putra was written on the KPK. In the account, it was written about a warm meeting between the Acting Regent Suhardiman Amby, politicians and private companies.

In addition to discussing the meeting between Suhardiman Amby and the company, there is also the question of Andi Putra’s response, who has been detained for 20 days by the KPK. The account said the KPK was only making things up regarding Andi Putra’s legal problems.

“I personally apologize for disappointing the people of Kuansing. Please pray for and support so I can return to Kuansing, hopefully it will only be 20 days and the KPK is just making it up without any evidence,” wrote the account posted on Saturday (10/24/2021).

Finally, in the post, it was stated that Andi Putra wanted to be free so that he could tell the public who was the traitor in the case.

Responding to information circulating about posts on Andi Putra’s social media accounts, the KPK immediately moved quickly. One of them conducted a search at the KPK detention center inhabited by Andi Putra.

“KPK Rutan officers have immediately searched the detention room in question and did not find any communication equipment,” said Acting KPK Spokesperson, Ali Fikri.

Not only that, Andi Putra even made a statement. The contents, namely he made sure not to write a status message on the account.

“The suspect AP also stated in his statement that he was not the one who wrote the status message on the social media. The KPK ensures that all detainees are prohibited from bringing or using electronic equipment, including communication tools, into the detention center as regulated by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number 6 of 2013,” he said.

In addition, the KPK Detention Center is also closely guarded by 1×24 hour officers. This includes monitoring through various surveillance cameras.

“The KPK examines in detail and in layers every detainee who will enter the KPK Detention Center. Therefore, regarding the posting on the social media account of the KPK detainee, it is possible that it was done by someone else,” he said.

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