KPK Responds to Akidi Tio’s Family Donation of IDR 2 Trillion to Help Handling Covid-19 in South Sumatra

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) stated a donation of Rp 2 trillion for the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Sumatra (Sumsel) from the late Acehnese businessman. Akidi Tio not a form of gratuity.

“In accordance with the regulations that as long as grants or assistance from the public are directed to ministries, institutions, local governments and other government institutions, which will be used for the benefit of the community, it does not include gratuities as stipulated in Article 12B of the Corruption Crime Act,” explained the Acting Spokesperson. NCP Ipi Maryati Kuding to, Saturday (31/7/2021).

As is known, assistance was given through a private channel to the South Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Eko Indra Heri on Monday (26/7/2021), who was a close friend of the late Akidi Tio.

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Ipi said, as regulated in Article 2 of the Regulation NCP Number 2 of 2019 concerning Gratification Reporting, the Rp2 trillion contribution does not need to be reported.

“Therefore, the donation is not required to be reported to NCP, “he said.

However, Ipi underlined, government institutions or agencies as recipients of donations need to ensure that the purpose of giving donations is to institutions or institutions, and not to individual civil servants or state administrators.

Then, as a form of transparency and accountability, NCP appealed to institutions that received gifts, whether in the form of money, consumables, or capital goods from the public, to administer and publish their receipts and utilization to the public.

“KPK has issued Official Letter No. B/1939/GAH.00/01-10/04/2020 dated April 14, 2020 concerning Acceptance of Donations/Grants from the Community by Government Institutions, particularly regarding COVID-19 received from the public including the private sector. , both at home and abroad,” he explained.

To publish the receipt and use of each aid received, said Ipi, the agency can use the agency’s official website.

Through the site, agencies are also advised to periodically update data as a form of government transparency and accountability.


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