KPK OTT Pemalang Regent Regarding Bribery for Procurement of Goods and Sale and Purchase of Positions


KPK arrested 23 people in sting operation (OTT) Pemalang Regent Mukti Agung Wibowo. Regent Mukti was caught OTT in connection with bribery and illegal levies in the procurement of goods and services as well as positions.

“It is true that we are actively arresting state officials in several places in Jakarta and Pemalang,” said KPK Deputy Chair Nurul Ghufron to reporters, Friday (12/8/2022).

“We have arrested some 23 people from Pemalang related to allegations of corruption, bribery and illegal levies in the procurement of goods and services as well as positions,” he added.



Until now, the KPK is still conducting an examination of the arrested parties.

“Please be patient, the KPK investigation team is investigating, when the time comes, we will explain in more detail,” said Ghufron.

KPK Segegl Room at Pemalang Regency Office

A number of rooms in the office complex of the Pemalang Regent, Mukti Agung Wibowo, were sealed by the KPK. There are at least two rooms that have been sealed.

As reported by detikJateng, Thursday (11/8), one of the rooms that was sealed was a room at the Kominfo Office. Moreover, the space of the Auction Field was sealed.

However, other parts of the Pemalang Regency complex cannot be accessed. Satpol PP officers guard the office complex quite tightly.

Watch the video ‘Pemalang Regent Mukti Agung Wibowo Gets OTT KPK’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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