KPK Investigated Allegations of Luxury Toilet Corruption in Bekasi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP) has asked for information from a number of parties related to the alleged case corruption construction of hundreds of toilets in a number of educational institutions in Bekasi Regency.

“It is true that there are reports from the public as submitted to us and we have issued an investigation letter for verification and clarification of the parties suspected of knowing,” said Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Alexander Marwata, to the media crew at his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (26/26). /10).

Based on the information gathered, the KPK has already asked the members of the Bekasi Regency council for information. Alex said the process was carried out in order to find the adequacy of the evidence so that it could then be raised to the investigation stage.

“Later, when internally the Deputy for Enforcement has enough evidence and exposed internally first concerning investigators, investigators, prosecutors, and it is determined that there is enough evidence, then it will be presented to the leadership to explain what findings can be the basis for establishing someone as suspect,” said Alex.

Previously, the Bekasi Regency Government budgeted Rp98 billion for the construction of 488 toilets in a number of educational institutions.

This step was taken as an effort to maintain the title of Healthy District through a program to create a clean, safe, comfortable and healthy area towards Healthy Indonesia. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and the plan to open face-to-face schools in 2021.

One of the schools that received the project work was SDN 04 Mangunjaya, Tambun Selatan District, Bekasi Regency. The toilet construction budget reached Rp. 196.848.000 which was carried out by CV Cikal Kelapa Mandiri.

The hundreds of millions of budget was used for the construction of three toilet units with a building area of ​​2.7 x 2.6 meters. Two toilets are equipped with a squat toilet and one water tap.

Meanwhile, the other one is only intended as a urinal or a special room for urination (art). The toilet door uses aluminum with a thick layer of wood-like paper or high pressure laminate (HPL). There is ventilation in each toilet.

In front of the toilet building, there are two sink units or hand washing facilities and two mirrors, as well as five step taps located at a number of points in the hallway of the toilet building. The stepped faucet was deliberately chosen to prevent the transmission of the corona virus (covid-19).

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