KPK Examines Presenter Brigita Manohara as Witness in Alleged Money Laundering Case


KPK examined the presenter Brigita Manohara as a witness in the case of alleged money laundering (TPPU) with the offending suspect Ricky Ham Pagawak, Central Mamberamo Tengah Regent. The KPK has questioned Brigita about the flow of money from Ricky.

“The witness was present and explored his knowledge regarding the alleged distribution of money flows from the suspect RHP through money laundering to witnesses and other related parties,” said Head of KPK Reporting Unit Ali Fikri told reporters, Tuesday (6/6/2023).

Ali said the KPK also summoned a private party named Steven Sembra on Monday (5/6). But the witness was absent.

“KPK reminds witness Steven Umbra to return to the next scheduled summons because it is a legal obligation,” said Ali.

Confession of Brigita Manohara

Brigita admitted that she was asked 18 questions. He was asked about Ricky Ham’s alleged money laundering.

“I was questioned earlier, so I was summoned to fulfill a summons from investigators for suspect RHP on suspicion of money laundering. I was questioned, asked 18 questions, and you can ask the investigators directly about the material,” said Brigita at the KPK building, South Jakarta, Monday (5/6).

“So yesterday the examination was only for corruption. Now, now it is for money laundering. So there are two different crimes, which will be charged with the suspect RHP,” he continued.

He said he had returned Ricky Ham’s gift to the KPK. He admitted that he had come to complete the documents of Ricky Ham’s alleged money laundering.

“Yes, all of them have been (assets returned). This only completes the files for other further criminal acts that will be suspected,” he said.

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