KPK Employees Steal IDR 1.5 Billion Gold due to Forex Business Debt

Jakarta – Evidently KPK employees who are desperate to steal and pawn gold bullion evidence of a corruption case due to business-related debt. Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Dewas) of the KPK, Tumpak H Panggabean, said the business involved by KPK employees with the initials IGAS was related to forex or foreign exchange or foreign currency exchange.

“Quite a lot of debt, because the person concerned is involved in an unclear business, the forex,” said Tumpak in a press conference at his office, Jalan HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Thursday (8/4/2021).

A total of 1.9 kilograms (kg) of gold bullion was stolen by IGAS. Some of the gold bars are then pawned, which is about 1 kg with a value of around Rp. 900 million, while the rest is still being stored.

“Some of the items that have been taken are categorized as theft or at least the embezzlement was pawned by the person concerned because he needed some funds to pay off his debts,” said Tumpak.

Tumpak said IGAS was a member of the task force at the Directorate of Evidence Management and Execution (Laboratory) so that it was free to access the evidence. This directorate is under the Deputy for Enforcement and Execution at the KPK.

“The initials IGAS task force members are assigned to store and manage, secure the evidence in NCP, “said Tumpak.

When finally it was discovered that the 900 grams of gold was returned by IGAS to the KPK. Meanwhile, the gold that had been pawned was redeemed by IGAS and returned to the KPK.

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“In the end, in March 2021 this evidence was successfully redeemed by the person concerned by successfully selling the land inherited from his parents in Bali,” said Tumpak.

“How much is the mortgage? Rp 900 million but it has been redeemed. The ransom value is approximately Rp. 900 million. So you can imagine how much it is, that’s only part of it, because not all of it is mortgaged,” he added.

The total value of 1.9 kg gold bars is estimated to be around IDR 1.5 billion. Quoting the page, the price of 1 kg of gold is IDR 862 million. Meanwhile, the price of gold per gram is IDR 922 thousand. If the total gold is 1.9 kg, the chips that come close to that amount are 1 kg, 500 grams, and four pieces of 100 grams.

The price of 1 kg gold is Rp. 862 million, 500 grams of gold is Rp. 431 million, and four pieces of 100 grams of Rp. 345 million (Rp. 86.4 million multiplied by 4). The total is Rp 1.63 billion.

Using Antam’s gold buyback price, per 1 gram of IDR 810 thousand. This figure is multiplied by 1,900 grams or 1.9 kg to Rp. 1.5 billion or Rp. 1,539,000 to be precise.

Today Antam’s gold buyback or buyback price fell by Rp 2,000 to a level of Rp 810,000. This buyback price means, if you want to sell gold, Antam will buy it at that price.

(dhn / fjp)


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