KPK Calls Irrational Assets, What Is Rahmat Effendi’s LHKPN Like?


Deputy Chairperson of the KPK, Nurul Ghufron, said that there was irrational wealth in the case Mayor of Bekasi Rahmat Effendi. So, how about wealth Grace Effendi from year to year while serving as mayor?

“Currently, the KPK is still focusing on corruption in the form of bribes and gratuities, will it be developed later? Once again, everything is still open to be developed later, but we are still currently focusing on bribes and gratuities,” said Ghufron at a press conference, Tuesday ( 11/1/2022).

“Because bribes and gratifications are still possible, not only what we got during the OTT. It will still grow because we are still developing irrational assets,” he added.

Grace Effendi or familiarly called Pepen served in 2013-2018 and 2018-2022. He has been named a suspect in the alleged bribery case of buying and selling positions and the procurement of goods and services.

In 2012

Based on the State Administrators Wealth Report (LHKPN) on the KPK’s official website in 2012, Pepen has assets worth IDR 4,611,264,329.

Pepen is recorded to own 39 land and buildings spread across Bekasi and Subang. The land and buildings are known to be worth Rp. 3,231,943,850.

Then, Pepen also at that time also owned 7 cars, one of which was the Toyota Alphard. The seven cars are worth Rp. 995,000,000. Pepen owns a workshop business worth IDR 200 million and other movable assets worth IDR 80 million.

Furthermore, Pepen has cash of Rp 758,283,813 and receivables of Rp 16,920,000. Furthermore, he has a debt of Rp 652,883,334.


Then, in 2015, Pepen had an increase in assets, which was worth Rp. 7,173,949,728. At that time, Pepen owned 44 plots of land with a value of Rp. 5,373,501,300 in various locations in Bekasi.

In that year Pepen was recorded as having 8 units of cars worth Rp. 1,360 million, one of which was a Jeep Wrangler. Pepen also owns a livestock business and the like worth Rp 200 million.

He has movable assets of IDR 80 million, cash worth IDR 796,411,762 and receivables of IDR 16,962,000. Then, Pepen has a debt of Rp 652,883,334.


In 2018, Pepen’s assets decreased slightly, which was Rp. 7,068,377,878. At that time, Pepen owned 38 plots of land worth Rp. 5,996,002,000, which were spread across Subang, Bekasi, to Bogor.

However, in 2018, Pepen was recorded to only have 1 car unit, namely the Toyota Land Cruiser worth IDR 375 million. Then movable assets of IDR 280 million and cash of IDR 417,375,878.

year 2019

In 2019, Pepen’s assets increased by IDR 7,430,931,942. At that time, Pepen owned 39 plots of land worth Rp. 6,346,002,000, which were spread over Subang, Bekasi, and Bogor.

Then, Pepen was recorded as having 2 units of cars worth Rp. 405,000,000. The cars include the Toyota Sedan Crown and Chrysler Cher. Then there are movable assets worth Rp. 170 million and cash as much as Rp. 509.929942.


Pepen is recorded as reporting LHKPN in 2020. He has a decrease in assets, which is Rp. 6,383,717,647.

Meanwhile, for land and buildings, Rahmat Effendi owns 39 plots of land and buildings spread across Bekasi, Subang, to Bogor. The total is IDR 6,346,0002,000.

Then, for vehicles consisting of three cars and one motorcycle. For cars, consisting of the 2003 Toyota Sedan SPR SL, self-produced, the 1997 Chrysler Cher LTD Contr 4.0, and the 1995 JEEP Cherokee, self-made. For motorcycles, the 1998 Jeep Cherokee is the result of its own. Of the four vehicles, the total is Rp. 810.000.000.

Then, other movable assets of Rp. 170,000,000. Wealth of cash and cash equivalents Rp 610,915,238. Rahmat Effendi is also recorded as having a debt of Rp. 1,553,199,591 or Rp. 1.5 billion.

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