KPK Blocks IDR 2 Million Accounts, Bird Traders Shout What’s Wrong


This bird seller on Madura Island suddenly couldn’t access his money bank account where he keeps the money. Apparently, there is the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) which ordered the blocking of the bird trader’s account in Pamekasan.

The account that was ‘blocked by the KPK’ was a BCA account belonging to a bird seller from Buddih Village, Pademawu District, Pamekasan, named Ilham Wahyudi. Ilham himself only found out about the blocking when he went to the BCA Pamekasan Branch office, Wednesday (25/1/2023) yesterday.

Reported from detikJatimin an excerpt of the letter issued by BCA dated January 16 2023 it states: Based on a request from the Corruption Eradication Commission as referred to in letter R/35/DAK.01.00/20-23/01/2023, January 11, 2023 regarding unblocking an account in the name of Ilham Wahyudi on January 13, 2023.

On the basis of that letter, BCA finally blocked Ilham’s account. He can not withdraw money but can receive incoming money. contacted detikJatimIlham admitted that he was confused and disappointed. He even emphasized that he had never accepted a big, strange project.

“I never got any project,” said Ilham.

In the past, he was in the bird business love Bird. Since the price of birds fell, he no longer sells birds love Bird.

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[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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