Kovid death toll drops to two in Saudi Arabia In Saudi Arabia, the daily death toll of covid has dropped to two

Riyadh: The daily death toll in Saudi Arabia has dropped to two. This is the lowest mortality rate in the country since the spread of Kovid. 211 people recovered on Sunday. Kovid confirmed 186 new recruits. This brings the total number of Kovid cases reported in the country to 3,66,185 and the number of cases to 3,57,728.

The total death toll was 6,352. The number of people being treated for the disease has risen to 2080 again. Of these, 331 are in critical condition. They are in the intensive care unit of various hospitals across the country. The health of the rest is satisfactory.

The country’s covid release rate remains at 97.7 percent and the death rate at 1.7 percent. New Kovid cases reported in various regions in the last 24 hours: Riyadh 82, Makkah 34, Eastern Province 29, Northern Border Region 11, Albaha 6, Asir 6, Najran 5, Qasim 4, Madinah 3, Hail. 3, Tabuk 2, Jeezan 1.


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