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Koukalová to shoot? He doesn’t know where to cram, the audience hisses

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Koukalová she used her experience from her previous career and used it in the series Sestřičky, where she played alongside Amélie Pokorná (15) alias promising biathlete Andy. Despite the initial nervousness, he praises acting. “It’s my first major acting experience, my first with dialogues. And I must say that it is an interesting craft, thanks to which one can try many professions. I was used to monothematic activities, so acting is very interesting in my eyes. If another offer came up, I probably wouldn’t turn it down, “Koukalová confided the website to the express. cz.

Gabriela Koukalová today for the first time in the series Sestřičky: Fear of filming!

Thanks to the filming, she looked back at the biathlete training center in Jablonec nad Nisou, where she did not want to return after the end of her career. “I had a lot of hard and nice moments here. I have been learning to ski here since I was two years old. As soon as I learned to walk, ours examined me here to see if I was a suitable adept for skiing. Three years ago, I thought I would never come here in my life. It’s the first time I’ve gotten here since the end of my career, “she admitted on the Showtime show.

Gabriela Koukalová. What professions did she change?

Viewers’ reactions to her new profession are all sorts. Some support the new presenter, others are more skeptical. “Not much,” the viewer commented on her performance. “The actress won’t be good,” said another. “She doesn’t know where to go,” were most of the critical comments. Others try to encourage her in her new role. Viewers will find out how she will do as a presenter on November 1, when she will introduce herself for the first time in the Showtime show.


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