Sport Kou Hoftych thanked the league for finishing. And...

Kou Hoftych thanked the league for finishing. And again, we have a strong darkness, he said


In the finals of the Czech Cup against Spart it didn’t work out ten days ago (1: 2). But on Sunday in the next finl at Liberec uspl. He defeated Mladá Boleslav in a qualifying match for the European League and secured a place in the 2nd preschool.

We got off the bottom. In addition, in the winter they spent a very long time with them and with them twenty gl, ie two aunts of our goals scored, Hoftych reminded Musa and Potonho.

Karvin was the turning point in the season. This was played in quotes about coaching life. We made it. We reached the group for a title where we didn’t even hope we could bt. It would then be very disappointing if we lost the last trip.

Hoftych took over Liberec last June, when he replaced the Slovak team Zsolt Hornyk. The end of the season was very much in that we went very fast after Zsolt Hornyk, who practiced the kiln just a little different football than us. He wanted to wipe a balloon, he played a lot of dog glman. Filip Nguyen had the highest number of mussels last season. We wanted to play pmoaeji and faster. It must have hurt for a while, it got used to it for a while. In some games, it cost you two months, Hoftych remarked.

One of the turning points was the house with Jablonec. The first half we played catastrophically, bottom of the woods. We kind of changed it. We said to Hrm that it wouldn’t work like this for long. Since then, we are in the right direction, reminiscent of the 2: 2 draw in the 13th league round.

Liberec will play the cups for the first time since the 2016/2017 season, with the 2nd pedigree of the European League. Qualification will be played only for one place of the usual two matches.

First of all, I would like to thank the LFA, it was very operative in the league’s arrest. The esk league started as one of the first. We are happy that the LFA competition started and we had the opportunity to finish it.

If it didn’t happen, Liberec wouldn’t have reached the cup. There was seven before the forced one-week break.

Bume tells when it’s up to the games to play. It will probably also depend on how the situation in Europe develops. And there will be lots, Hoftych emphasized.

He is ready for his darkness to meet his support in lt. Of course we work on the corridors. Liberec can work with this, if you are surprised, that’s the way it is. J km, that there is simply a positive football environment, he said.

There is speculation in the corridors about the departure of Karafit, Kuchta iMalinskho.

Don’t worry about not being able to replace it. Today we are communicating with some interesting games, we have an agreement with some clubs that it is relaxed. We have a strong must and we know that we will play football for a long time, Hoftych remarked.


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