Kostomarov has another operation to amputate fingers on his hand- the primary focus of the night.

Good morning, Voronezh! Today is Friday, March 24th. We tell you what happened in the world during the night, what Voronezh residents can expect from today, and we remind you of the most important and interesting events of yesterday.

What happened in the world while you were sleeping

▪️ Olympic champion in ice dancing Roman Kostomarov underwent another operation to amputate fingers on his left hand, reports “MK“With reference to a source in the hospital. Amputation was necessary because the fingers had turned black due to gangrene. “If the process goes further, then it will be prepared urgently for the amputation of the entire left hand,” the MK source quotes. The skater eats and breathes on his own, but his morale is described by the phrase “on the edge.” On January 10, Kostomarov ended up in intensive care with pneumonia, and was later transferred to a hospital in Kommunarka in a critical condition.

▪️ Passenger Boeing-737, which was supposed to fly from Moscow to Volgograd, made an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo Airport. This happened due to the operation of the cabin depressurization sensor, said a representative of RIA emergency services.news“. There were 187 people on board.

▪️ Measures to increase the share of single-use paper packaging in order to abandon plastic products were ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Relevant assignment published on the Kremlin website. The report must be submitted by June 1, 2023. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has been appointed responsible for the execution of the order. This is done to reduce the harm done to the environment.

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▪️ Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation replenished register of foreign agents. Blogger Ilya Varlamov was included in it – for disseminating false information about the decisions made by the authorities; human rights activist Pavel Chikov – for distributing materials of foreign agents; organization “Parni Plus/Parni+” – for the promotion of LGBT relations. Also in the register of foreign agents are the founder of the liquidated party Svetlana Lada-Rus (Peunova), the columnist Ruslan Aisin, and the journalist Bogdan Bakaleyko, who was put on the wanted list.

What awaits Voronezh residents today

Now outside the window + 6 °. During the day it will be +13°. Partly cloudy, light rain.

Important news you might have missed yesterday

1.3 million Russians live in emergency housing.

Three people died in a collision between a VAZ and a Gazelle on the Voronezh highway.

Two newborn kittens were thrown into a trash can in Voronezh.

A resident of the Voronezh region was killed in a battle in the NVO zone.

In the Voronezh regional center, a girl was convicted for wearing a hat with a picture of hemp.

It became known who was injured in an accident with three dead on the Voronezh highway.

The General of the Russian Guard was detained in the case of “kickbacks”.

A KamAZ driver knocked down a pensioner to death and fled the scene of an accident in Voronezh.

Voronezh residents were outraged by the trip in the minibus, packed to capacity.

A father with many children from the Voronezh region will be tried for the rape of a 20-year-old ex-lover.

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