Kostadin Kostadinov hides the ball from Vasko Zhabata

The new hit on social networks was the leader of “Vazrazhdane” Kostadin Kostadinov and his attempts to sing although driving.

A clip shared by his partner Tsoncho Ganev shockingly exceeded meme # 1 by hrs. 1 right up until a short while ago for Vasko the Frog.

The movie demonstrates the two nationalists and outspoken supporters of Russia driving along the freeway in a western car or truck. And they sing the song “When the Noises Make Loud”, even if they are unable to synchronize a duet.

“This dude hid the ball from Vasco the Frog, and if he could even sing,” commented men and women on Twitter who obviously aren’t huge lovers of Kostadinov and call him by the mocking nickname Kopeikin.

If they go away two, it may well be more proper, other fans on social media are earning obscene hints.

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