‘Korean’s Dining Table’ Presents 10th Anniversary Dinner with Kim Hye-soo and Choi Bu-am’s wife Kim Min-ja (total)

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Actor Kim Hye-su was with us on the 10th anniversary of’Korean Table’.

On the 14th at 7:40 pm on KBS 1TV’Korean’s Table’, it was decorated with a special feature of ’10th Anniversary Special Vol. 2-Thank You, You’. The figure was put.

Kim Min-ja and actor Kim Hye-soo gathered in Ganghwa-do for Choi Bul-am, who has kept the’Korean table’ for 10 years. Kim Hye-soo, who met and became a relationship with Min-ja Kim in the drama’Samogok,’ thought specially about Min-ja Kim, who covered herself like a’fence’ when he was a rookie. Following Kim Hye-soo, Kim Min-ja and Choi Bul-am expressed their gratitude, saying, “I grew up well in a large family, but they are the two who embraced me like children when the empty corners were large.”

Kim Min-ja, who started preparing the table in earnest, exposed Choi Bul-am, saying, “I didn’t know how to cook ramen. I can do it now, but it’s not tasty.” I trembled.

Subsequently, Minja Kim confessed the reason for deciding to marry Choi Bul-am. Kim Min-ja said, “The reason the future didn’t look dark while doing the same thing is that (Choi Bul-am) worked very hard on what he was doing,” he said. “I got married with the idea that I would not starve for a simple reason because I was an actor. In addition, Kim Min-ja said, “(Choi Bul-am) liked alcohol, but if I didn’t get married, it seemed that I would drink more and degrade.”

The two had a conversation like a mother and daughter of Doran Doran, making anchovy chonggak-free soup, pork belly broth, radish marinated radish, and perilla seaweed porridge. Kim Hye-su showed off his cooking skills with pork belly and radish seasoning.

Following that, Choi Bul-am, who appeared with various food ingredients received from the performers, shared a nice greeting with Kim Hye-soo. Various foods sent by the performers who were together in’Korean’s Table’ were added to the table and added taste. Choi Bul-am tasted Junchi Kimchi and shared memories of various kimchi introduced in the’Korean Table’.

After eating, Choi Bul-am looked at the video letter prepared by Kim Hye-soo and showed a feeling of confusion. Actor Park Jung-soo, Song Sun-mi, Han Ji-min, singer In-soon, broadcaster Kang Ho-dong, and overseas compatriots who appeared in’Korean’s Dining Table’ sent congratulations. Choi Bul-am was moved by expressing his gratitude with a confused look.

Choi Bul-am said, “I think it was not the most beautiful broadcasting life of my life to have been with the’Korean’s Table’ for 10 years. How do I repay the love I received from everyone. It seems that working hard until the body breaks down will repay the love. “He said.

On the other hand, KBS 1TV’Korean’s Dining Table’ is a program that decorates the hidden stories, history, and food culture of the representative local foods with beautiful videos and in-depth coverage of food mentoring every Thursday at 7pm. It airs at 40 minutes.

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