Korea Communications Commission Investigating Naver News Service for Violating Telecommunications Business Act

Korea Communications Commission Investigating Naver News Service for Violating Telecommunications Business Act

Starting today (25th), the Korea Communications Commission began a factual investigation to confirm Naver News Service’s violations of prohibited acts under the Telecommunications Business Act.

The Korea Communications Commission has been conducting a status inspection on Naver since last July, and as a result of the inspection, it was determined that there was a possibility of violation of prohibited conduct regulations, such as unfair discrimination against specific users, unreasonable imposition of unreasonable conditions and restrictions, and failure to notify important information, and the investigation was conducted. He explained that he had started.

The Korea Communications Commission pointed out that Naver, Korea’s largest search portal operator, not only has a significant influence on the media environment, but also exercises exclusive market dominance with a 66.7% news share, and that there has been controversy over social responsibility and fairness in this regard.

In particular, it was emphasized that the news algorithm has been pointed out as a cause of bias toward specific media companies as it is directly related to the issue of media companies’ involvement in the arrangement of articles, and that the resulting problems of business discrimination and distortion of public opinion have been revealed.

If the Korea Communications Commission confirms through its investigation whether Naver’s actions are prohibited under the Telecommunications Business Act, it plans to take legal action, such as imposing a maximum fine (1/100 of the relevant sales) and filing criminal charges, in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, the Korea Communications Commission said that it had previously warned Naver about late or non-submission of survey data that occurred during the status inspection process.

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