Kompas.com Announces MotoGP 2023 Lineup: Exciting Portugal Prime Series and Sprint Race Debut

KOMPAS.com – The 2023 MotoGP schedule will start with the inaugural series at the Algarve Circuit, Portimao, Portugal, on Friday (24/3/2023) to Sunday (26/3/2023).

MotoGP Portugal 2023 will be the starting place for the Grand Prix this season with a new format, namely the addition of one race session called the Sprint Race.

Through an official statement on the MotoGP website in August 2022, Dorna Sports as the organizer said that Sprint Races would be held in every series this season.

“The Sprint Race will be introduced at all Grands Prix, creating an exciting and action-packed program for fans on every day of the MotoGP race weekend.”

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The sprint race is run on the second day or Saturday at the time usually used to hold two qualifying sessions (Q1 and Q2).

The duration of the Sprint Race lasts 15 minutes and accounts for 50 percent of the total laps of the main race held in the series.

The top nine positions in the Sprint Race will receive points. The winner gets 12 points, while the driver who finishes ninth receives 1 point.

Dorna Sports confirmed that the Sprint Race will not determine the position of the riders during the main race.

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The starting grid for the main race is still determined based on the results of the two qualifying sessions, namely Q1 and Q2.

However, Sprint Race continues to change the schedule for every race this season, including the MotoGP Portugal 2023.

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MotoGP Portugal 2023 opened with two free practice sessions (FP1 and FP2) on Friday (24/3/2023) which had a longer duration than last season.

The combined time of the two sessions will determine the drivers who immediately qualify for the second qualification or Q2.

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This is different from last season where the combined results of FP1, FP2, and FP3 determined the 10 riders to advance to Q2.

The next free practice session will be held on Saturday (25/3/2023) with a shorter period from 45 minutes to 30 minutes following the abolition of the FP4 session.

Portugal MotoGP series on Saturday with Q1, Q2 and Sprint Race sessions. The main race will be held on Sunday (26/3/2023) evening WIB.

MotoGP Portugal Schedule 2023

Friday (24/3/2023)

  • 17.45-18.30 WIB – Free Practice 1
  • 22.00-13.00 WIB – Free Practice 2

Saturday (25/3/2023)

  • 17.10-17.40 WIB – Free Practice
  • 17.50-18.05 WIB – Qualifying 1
  • 18.15-18.30 WIB – Qualifying 2
  • 22.00 WIB – Sprint Race

Sunday (26/3/2023)

  • 15.45-15.55 WIB – Warm Up
  • 20.00 WIB – Race

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