Komarovsky made a statement about vaccination in Ukraine

“According to the WHO, the transferred coronavirus infection is not a reason not to be vaccinated. Moreover, it does not matter how long after the transfer of the coronavirus. approved by WHO “, – explained Dr. Komarovsky on the air of the channel” Ukraine “.

According to a pediatrician of the highest category, there are several reasons why people are afraid to get vaccinated.

“One of the very common horror stories is that if a person has antibodies and is vaccinated, then some terrible reaction may occur. This is not supported by any scientific evidence to date. Such a reaction occurs with some diseases, but by this has nothing to do with coronavirus, “said the head of the” Power up Komarovsky “column.

According to the candidate of medical sciences, there are many studies that indicate that a huge number of people who have had COVID-19 in any form do not have enough antibodies. Therefore, preference is given to vaccination, which leads to the fact that there are more of them.

“If you have access to a high-quality and modern vaccine, then you do not need to think about whether you were sick or not. Get vaccinated. This is not the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky, but the position of the WHO,” Komarovsky said.



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