[Kolom Pakar] Dr. dr. Basuki Supartono, Sp.OT: Half of All Women Will Experience Osteoporosis

In certain circumstances, bone cells that are in charge of destroying bone work very actively so that many parts of the bone become damaged and there is a change in the architecture or profile of the bone so that the bone becomes porous, i.e. thin, weak and easily broken.

This disease is generalized meaning it can occur in all bones but has a certain predilection (certain bones are more often affected).

On various occasions, such as counseling on osteoporosis for the elderly, I have always said that osteoporosis can affect all ages, including young people, but it affects the elderly, especially women. Old age triggers the activity of bone-destroying cells so that the elderly or the elderly are susceptible to osteoporosis.

Various human bones can be affected but osteoporosis is more common in thin bones such as the wrists, shoulder joints, hip joints, and spine.

Osteoporosis is a threat to the health of the elderly. Osteoporosis is also known as silent disease because it secretly eats away at the bones without the sufferer knowing it. This means that the patient does not complain and only complains of bone pain when the patient’s bone is broken. Fractures can occur with only a light impact (minimal trauma) and can even occur without impact, fall or trauma.

**The author is Dr. dr. Basuki Supartono, Sp.OT, Lecturer of Orthopedic Surgery Faculty of Medicine, National Development University (UPN) Veterans Jakarta

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