Kolář showed a kiks, but thanks to Schranz’s hat-trick, Slavia won again

The footballers of Prague’s Slavia won the prelude to the 2nd round of the first league in Teplice 3: 1. The defending champions also won the second match of the new season, extended the invincibility in the highest competition to 48 matches and successfully tuned in to Wednesday’s opening duel of the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League in Budapest against Ferencváros.

Slavia’s decision to win Slavia was made at the jubilee 100th start in the Czech league with the premiere hat trick in the competition and the first goals in the red and white jersey of the Slovak summer reinforcement of Praguers, Ivan Schranz. At the end of the introductory act, David Černý established himself as the home team after the hesitation of goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář. Teplice have not beat Slavia in the league in 14 consecutive matches and are without a point after two rounds.

“We are forming on the march. The entry into the season is good, two matches away, six points. Today it was a degree better than in Zlín. There is satisfaction with the points, but we are a little bothered by the health and lack of play of some key players,” he said. on-line press conference Prague coach Jindřich Trpišovský.

For the first time in the season, the national team member Ševčík took part in the Slavic basic line-up, while another participant in the recent European Championship, Captain Bořil, is still not 100% fit. For health reasons, the forward Kuchta was also missing, and again the bench was not again the recent offensive reinforcement of Praguers Krmenčík.

The red and whites, who last only drew 1: 1 in Teplice, were expected to have the upper hand from the beginning and opened the score in the 22nd minute. After the Oscar center, Schranz pushed through the header up close and scored his first competition goal for Slavia.

A moment later, Bah headed out and in the 32nd minute, the home goalkeeper Grigar caught another of the summer reinforcements of the Prague Plavšič. The Slavic goalkeeper Kolář did much more in the 43rd minute. In the corner of the lime, he began to incomprehensibly zigzag against Ledecký, the home striker took him by the ball and passed to Černý, who hit an open goal.

The 25-year-old extreme player made his mark in the league for the first time. “I was very relieved, I waited quite a long time for the goal. Of course I was happy, but unfortunately it lasted me only two minutes. Then we got to 1: 2,” said Černý.

The favorite took the lead back during the break. In the first minute of the setting, Oscar found Schranze again from the left side and he defeated Grigar with a shot from the second wave. The Slovak national team scored twice in one match for the third time in the Czech league.

“The goals in the locker room are very important, sometimes decisive. They leveled off, but we were able to get back in the lead before the break. It kicked and calmed us down,” Schranz said.

“Before the end of the half we managed to equalize, I believed that it could be a boost for the team. But unfortunately we did not finish it in the half. I feel that it was such a turning point,” said Teplice coach Radim Kučera.

Four minutes after the break, Musa’s returning guest could increase, who unexpectedly started in the starting line-up, but the home goalkeeper hit. On the other hand, Kolář partially undone his previous hesitation in the 53rd minute, when he famously caught Černý up close.

“I probably missed a lot of force. I jumped a little on the back pole, I wanted to head under my feet. A clear goal opportunity for me, I’m very sorry. If I put 2: 2, Slavia would be nervous,” said Černý.

After less than an hour of play, he was able to advance alone to Musa’s home goal, but he kicked the ball. Stanciu wasn’t in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Schranz after 74 minutes.

In the 79th minute, he could compare after the action of two substituting players and Mareš’s pass Kodad, but his attempt knocked down the corner of the returning Stanci. A moment later, Slavia made a final decision. After Laňek’s hesitation, Olayinka scored the ball in the 81st minute and prepared a goal for Schranz, who completed the first hat-trick in the Czech league.

“It’s my first hat-trick, I’m very happy with it. Entering Slavia is amazing. But one match means nothing, I have to keep working,” Schranz said. “We tried to torment Slavia and, as in the spring, take at least one point from them, but we did not succeed. It is very frustrating that the performances in the first two rounds were not bad, but the points are not,” Kučera added.

2nd round of the first football league:

FK Teplice – Slavia Prague 1: 3 (1: 2)

Goals: 43. Černý – 22., 45. + 1 and 81. Schranz. Judges: Pechanec – Hájek, Horák – Hrubeš (video). ŽK: Laňka, Chlumecký, Jukl – Zima, Ševčík. Attendance: 7745 (limited number).

Teplice: Grigar – Laňka, Knapík, Chlumecký, Hyčka (84. Hasil) – Mareček, Jukl – Černý (84. Švanda), Trubač (76. Kodad), Moulis (61. Mareš) – Ledecký (76. Krunert). Coach: R. Kučera.

Slavia: Kolář – Bah (76. Sima), Kačaraba, Zima, Oscar – Traoré (63. Holeš) – Schranz, Stanciu (83. Tecl), Ševčík, Plavšič (62. Masopust) – Musa (63. Olayinka). Coach: Trpišovský.



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