Kojima’s next game on Xbox ?: a rumor says that Kojima Productions would be in talks with Microsoft

A new report suggests that Hideo Kojima’s next game would be released on Microsoft Xbox platforms. Every detail in this note!

One report suggests that Which I would be in conversations with Xbox to publish your next project on platforms Microsoft.

The future of Kojima Productions it’s really uncertain. The launch of Death Stranding on consoles PlayStation Y PC casts doubts about the possibility of receiving exclusive projects from the Japanese studio on the platforms of Sony. In parallel, the licenses of Konami What Metal Gear Solid Y Silent Hill have no assigned study, although in recent years multiple rumors have emerged that pointed to Kojima Productions as the selected developer.

Abandoned would have no relationship with Hideo

However, in the last few hours, Sony published the trailer of a new exclusive for PlayStation 5 called Abandoned, a first-person horror video game of which we have only been able to observe its setting: a gloomy forest with photorealistic visuals. The cryptic images were enough to make the gaming community dream of the possibility that Hideo Kojima heads the project direction, but a report from the middle Venturebeat seems to claim otherwise.

Will Kojima’s next game be released on Xbox?



According to the report, the study Kojima Productions would have nothing to do with the recently announced project of PlayStation, since “Hideo Kojima is in talks with Microsoft to publish his next game.” This rumor is directly linked to a fact that recently caught our attention, and that is that, in one of the last broadcasts of Xbox, Phil Spencer, head of the brand, communicated the news of Xbox while displaying various collector’s items on a shelf in the background, which included a doll of Ludens, badge Kojima Productions. The report also clarifies that “I can’t confirm if Xbox has already closed the deal, but I understand that Kojima is at the center of a Microsoft plan to tap into Japanese talent.”


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Everything seems to indicate that Kojima Productions won’t work just for Sony. In any case, we recommend taking the report with great caution until it is confirmed by official sources.

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