Kojima Productions: Early Concepts of Death Stranding; According to Hideo Kojima, the studio should not become “too big”

Hideo Kojima (as an avid Twitter user) has an insight into the early development concepts ofDeath strandinggiven. The concept images illustrate the multiplayer component and emphasize that objects built / placed by a player are transferred to the games of the other players, even though you do not meet other players yourself. One can only recognize their legacies or footprints in the post-apocalyptic world. Paths that are used by many people should become footpaths and later streets that can be driven on by vehicles. “The streets and bridges that you discover were built by someone else. Thanks to these traces of human activity, you realize that you are not alone – and this feeling connects everyone like a bond,” says the concept.

Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima confirmed to Bungeishunju (viaGamefront) that the studio Kojima Productions should not become too big despite all AAA ambitions. Kojima said that the team should not be expanded. 80 people are currently working on game development and 20 other people in support. Death stranding was completed in three yearsdeveloped, This makes the studio about the size of e.g. Deck 13 (The Surge) or Ubisoft Mainz (Anno). “It is of course difficult to develop an AAA game with around 100 people. Usually, a project like this involves 200 to 600 people,” said Kojima. He was aware of his responsibility for the team, but would simply do what he does best, namely, develop games, it continues.

On December 24, 2019, he tweeted meaningfully that he was all alone in the studio and would be working on the concept of the next game. Appropriately, he showed a picture of his desk on which selected accessories were.


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