Kochi Metro Pillar Crack; No need to worry KMRL- Kochi Metro | Cracked Pillar | Kerala news

Kochi ∙ Crack outside pillar number 44 of Kochi Metro near Aluva Bypass. A crack was seen on the outside of the plaster halfway up the pillar. Locals are concerned that the size of the crack, which was small a few months ago, is gradually increasing. But KMRL is of the position that there is nothing to fear.

KMRL advised that the crack was noticed 4 months ago and it has been verified and confirmed that there is no loss of strength in the pillar. According to the report, the cause of the crack is the fluctuation of the cement plaster outside the pillar. KMRL says the crack is only on the outside and there is no problem on the inside.

English summary: Kochi Metro pillar broke near Aluva Bypass

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