KNVB hopes for state aid and solidarity from top clubs

After the premature end of the season in the Eredivisie and the second division, the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is hoping for government funding. “We are raising the alarm about the consequences for our industry,” writes KNVB sports director Eric Gudde in a letter that is available to the television station NOS: “We kindly ask you to search with us for creative, real and available solutions for professional football.”

Gudde: Help and cooperation with the government is needed

Gudde: Help and cooperation with the government is needed

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Gudde estimates the damage for the premature end of the season due to the corona crisis to at least 300 million euros, this amount could increase to 400 million. “To do all of this, help and cooperation with the government are needed to ensure the survival of the sector,” said Gudde.

However, the impending financial problems should not only be dealt with by the state. According to Gudde, the top clubs have “a heavy moral obligation” to share 25 percent of their entry fees from European competitions with financially weak league competitors.

The Dutch championship had been canceled on Friday. A champion has not been chosen, nor will there be relegations from the Eredivisie and no promoters from the 2nd division. Since some clubs are dissatisfied with these decisions, the KNVB faces a wave of lawsuits.



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