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Sosok.ID – Shocking news came back from the country of a million mysteries, North Korea.

Apart from being one of the countries that is quite closed from the outside world, North Korea known to be quite strict with its citizens.

Especially if there are residents who have defected or betrayed their way out of the country.

Besides, the lead family North Korea also called quite mysterious.

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This is because there is little information about Kim Jong Un’s family that can be known by the public.

The nephew of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who is known to be rich, has reportedly disappeared after meeting with the CIA.

Kim Han Sol is the son of Kim Jong Nam, Kim’s half brother who died at Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia, in 2017 due to neurotoxin.

It said the 25-year-old was under protection after turning himself in to the US intelligence agency.

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Based on reports from US media New Yorker, Kim Han Sol went into hiding after getting help from a group called Free Joseon.

The leader of the organization, Adrian Hong, revealed that in his life he had never met a young man who brought so much money.

Proclaimed by The Sun Friday (20/11/2020), Hong described Kim Jong Un’s nephew as a young man with “a wad of money and wearing Gucci shoes”.

Images believed to be of junior Kim show him wearing a number of fancy suits and earrings, including a suit from Armani.

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Hong said Han Sol’s father, who is the eldest son of North Korea’s second leader Kim Jong Il, also carried a pile of money with him for life.

Kim’s ruling family is rumored to have unparalleled wealth.

These include palaces, yachts, and luxury car fleets.

Kim Jong Un himself reportedly studied in Switzerland and is believed to live in luxury while his people suffer from hunger.

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Together with his wealth, Han Sol is said to be able to hide himself assisted by the CIA after his father was killed in Malaysia.

Hong claims the Free Joseon group extradited the dictator’s nephew at his residence in Macau, who entered China‘s territory.

She tells how Han Sol called her immediately after realizing that the police who had been guarding her house had disappeared.

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Fearing his life in danger, he then contacted Free Joseon where he expressed his wish to “get out of Macau as soon as possible”.

He reportedly met members of an organization founded in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan, about two days after Kim Jong Nam died.

From there, Kim Han Sol was supposed to board the plane that would fly him to the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, where he would seek refuge.

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However, he never arrived at Asna. It was a CIA agent who intercepted him in Taipei and was immediately taken to a safe house to keep him safe.

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Adrian Hong explains that Han Sol might be hiding in another country.

However, he admits he made the mistake of handing it over to US intelligence.

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