Knowing the Types of Animals That Eat Plants, Are They Considered Parasitic Species?

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID- In general, animals belonging to the herbivore group live in places such as meadows, forests and rice fields.

In addition, herbivorous animals also live in groups with the same kind, some also have families like elephants with their children.

Herbivores are a group of animals that eat plants. Animal species including herbivores are very diverse, ranging from small insects to large mammals.

Herbivorous animals generally have physical characteristics that make it easier for them to eat plants.

For example, many herbivorous mammals have broad molars. These large teeth help them when crushing leaves or grass.

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Meanwhile, carnivorous or meat-eating mammals usually have long, sharp teeth to help them catch and tear their prey.

Reporting from Live Science, there are several types of herbivores, namely herbivorous animals that eat all parts of the plant and only eat certain parts.

For example, herbivorous animals that eat only fruit are called frugivores, examples are fruit bats and flying foxes.

Then, there are animals that eat leaves, such as pandas, caterpillars, giraffes, and others called folivores.

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There are also herbivorous animals that only eat wood, such as termites and long-horned beetles. These animals are called xylophages.


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