Knowing the Side Effects of Betel Leaf Decoction, It’s Important to Know – Currently, not a few Indonesian people still use natural ingredients for treatment. One of the natural ingredients that are often used is betel leaf. As a medicinal plant, betel has many benefits for curing various diseases because of its flavonoid content as an antibacterial.

In addition to containing flavonoids, betel also contains other nutrients that are no less important for maintaining a healthy body such as vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, carotene which are good sources of calcium, tannins, saponins, eugenol and various other essential oils.

One way to take the benefits of betel leaf is to boil it and consume the boiled water. Although it is known to be rich in benefits, you also need to know what side effects may arise when you consume it betel leaf stew.

The following information has been summarized by via and KlikDokter on Tuesday, (07/12/2021).

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Berbaya for Eye Health

Betel leaf has long been used in traditional medicine for several conditions. Having antiseptic properties, betel leaf soak or decoction is often used as a healer for the treatment of external wounds.

Betel leaf is also believed to be able to overcome eye problems such as itching to sores or red eyes. Even betel leaf boiled water is often used to clean baby’s eyes.

However, even though it has been used for generations, this treatment has not been clinically proven. Many cases of people who use these herbs end up losing their vision function.

Until now there has been no research related to the benefits of betel for the eyes. The dangers of betel water for rinsing the eyes are also widely expressed by expert doctors. Based on the opinion of experts, the use of betel leaf boiled water is not recommended to treat eye pain. Instead of curing eye pain, betel leaf water actually risks eye irritation and worsens the condition.

This was also expressed by dr. Valda Garcia in her writing on KlikDokter. According to him, the level of acidity or pH produced by betel leaf stew is not in accordance with the normal pH found on the surface of the eye. This can cause a reaction to changes in the level of acidity on the surface of the eye, especially in the epithelial layer of the cornea and conjunctiva. This condition can lead to damage to the surface of the eye.

One of the side effects of this betel leaf stew is a wound on the cornea or called a corneal ulcer. When there is damage to the surface of the eye, the risk of eye infection also increases.

Gum Irritation and Oral Cancer
Not only has side effects for eye health, betel leaf boiled water is also at risk of triggering mouth irritation to oral cancer. Not only betel leaf boiled water, previously the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that combing betel leaves with a mixture of betel nut, lime and tobacco can be carcinogenic or can trigger cancer.

This conclusion was obtained based on research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in South and Southeast Asia.

Not Good for Pregnant Women
The side effect of betel leaf for other body health is that if consumed by pregnant women it will have a bad impact on their health and the baby in the womb. When consumed in inappropriate amounts, betel leaf decoction can trigger congenital defects to miscarriage.




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