Know them .. These are the reasons for the appearance of pimples on the face

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Facial bacteria are one of the skin problems that can particularly affect some women in the facial area. So what are these bacteria? And what are the reasons behind it? Here are the highlights:

1- Bacterial infection can cause facial bacteria

A bacterial or bacterial infection can cause bacteria in the face, infecting the skin cells of the face.

2- The use of inappropriate products can cause facial bacteria

The application of some unhealthy or unhealthy products such as soap that contain chemicals can affect the health of the skin tissues. These types of products damage the hydrolipid membrane of the facial skin, which is necessary to maintain the balance of the skin. If this membrane is damaged, it will be more susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections and thus to the appearance of facial bacteria.

3- Constantly touching face pills can cause facial bacteria

If you rub the pimples vigorously, you will cause these pimples to open and bacteria and microbes can enter them, thus exposing them to the risk of infection with facial bacteria.

4- Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause facial bacteria

From now on, you should pay attention to how you are exposed to the sun and how long you are exposed to it. Therefore, strong sunlight can contribute to the appearance of facial bacteria.

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