Know the weather forecast for the remainder of this Friday in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

announcer: these images werepresented by gorayeb, thepeople’s lawyers.Rafael: Now we talk about theweather conditions, thank youto those who in shinto throughof the is the rain coming,staten island and downtownnew jersey.go in these parts, therewe have flood alertcoastal. also little wings alwest metropolitan area.I’m going to show you the stormsPennsylvania and they come straighttowards us. they are stormsof wings 20,000 feet high.we are going to receive those rayswhen it is arriving by aá.they are going to advance in thenext hours, this is themost severe part, timesevere they have it right now inPennsylvania, Southwest Newjersey.the downpours will be comingdispersed until 8:00 a.m.evening. part begins to arriveof those storms that are going tojersey and patterson, evenparts of jfk.they keep throwing uscompletely while they go11:00 at night. there it lookedwhen we are on the air.strong storms still inparts of the metropolitan area,the bronx, stanford and allwe’ll be watching until 2:00in the morning, from thereit stays further north andto the east, from there they returnshowers.the worst was over.although they are from long islandestimated with heavy downpoursduring the morning that goesto be rainy and mostlycloudy. not muchaccumulation, but we havediscussed that all this is goingfalling about 5inches. pay attention towinds that are going to give and eventomorrow we have those64 alerts for halloween,now it’s hotter and it lookspleasurable.there luce also el pximoMonday.

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